Russia, city Kalyazin.


Russia, city Kalyazin located on the Volga River, 190 km from Moscow.
In 1466 on the way to India, visited the monastery in Tver merchant Afanasy Nikitin. In XVIII-XIX centuries Kalyazin is a significant trading center, twice-yearly fairs were held.
In 1939-1940, part of the territory of the old town, including all the main historical and architectural monuments, was flooded during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric power station.


Russia, Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery

Russia, Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery Founded in 1397 by the monk St. Cyril on the shore of Lake Siverskoye.


Founded in 1397 by the monk St. Cyril on the shore of Lake Siverskoye. Cyril Belozersky monastery introduced the strict charter. Due to the strategically important location on the northern borders of the state has become the abode of the rich and powerful, but from arising on the settlement of the city Kirillov monastery grew.

Russia, Tver region, village of Shchuchye

Russia, Valdai
Russia, Valdai

Church of the Dormition of the village of Shchuchye Ostashkov district of Tver region. Stone Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with chapels of St. Nicholas and the Iberian Mother of God was built in 1778-1790 years.

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Russia, Old Smolensk Road

Old Smolensk Road
Old Smolensk Road

“Old Smolensk Road” Smolensky tract – historical road to Smolensk and Moscow regions, linked the Moscow Kremlin and the Smolensk fortress. On the site – Smolensk Kardymovo – Dorogobuzh – Vyazma the same as the P134 road, after Vyazma roads diverge, R-134 – to the north in the direction of Zubtsova, Old Smolensk – east towards Mozhaisk. Another remnant of the old Smolensk tract in the Moscow region is the highway A100 “Mozhayskoe”.

Old Smolensk Road

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Russia, Karelia, Louhi-Kestenga, WWII


The 6th SS Mountain Division Nord was a German unit of the Waffen-SS of Nazi Germany during World War II, formed in February 1941 as SS Kampfgruppe Nord (SS Battle Group North). The division was later attached to the Finnish III Corps operating in the Kiestinki area. Throughout 1942 – 1943 he was on the front Kestenga.


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